Cross-country skiing

In our days cross-country skiing became more popular, more and more people practice, learn and become fans of it. Not only because it is an easy to learn sport and is very enjoyable, but also it is one of the healthiest sports, because of the fresh air and we use all of our muscles performing it. This sport has an unparalleled beneficial effect on our health and muscles.

In Rauris you can find a total of 30 km of well arranged tracks for cross-country skiing, at a height of 1.200 m!
This winter, for the first time, a ski buss will take you to different starting points for free!
Favorite cross-country ski tracks:

1. Rauris cross-country ski track (9 km)

Maislau parking – Oberkramser – Wörth – Seidelwinklloipe

2. Seidelwinkl cross-country ski track (7 km)

Kraftwerk Schüttgut – Landgasthaus Weixen

3. Buchebeni cross-country ski track (10 km)

Nigglgut – Rohrmoosalm – Lohningalm

4. Hüttwinkelloipe (10 km)

Gasthof Lechnerhäusl – Alpengasthof Bodenhaus

5. Beginner cross-country ski track Kreuzboden (1.50 km)


6. Sonnen cross-country ski track from Bucheben (4 km)

Bodenhaus, circular track

The equipment can be rented starting from the price of 5 EUR/person!

Cross-country skiing benefits:

– moves all your muscle groups
– strengthens the circulation and respiratory system
– has a good effect on your well-being
– this sport can be practiced regardless of age and sex
– other benefits, it’s safer at descent

We recommend cross-country skiing, if:

– you like to be active in the winter period
– you practice some kind of sport during summer
– you didn’t do any kind of sport, but you would like to
– you would like to do sport together with your family (because cross-country skiing is a sport in which all the family can take part, from the kids to the grandparents)
– you already know how to ski, but you would like to learn something else
…and we could go on and on.